Saturday, 2 July 2016

Best candid wedding photographer in uttar pradesh

Wedding is always considered to be the memorable one and the person, who make it memorable is a real professional wedding photographer We threw ourselves into making our wedding day really special and personal to us; Saurabh mishra of Studio Rollei completely understood this and captured it perfectly, completely exceeding our expectations.

The pre-wedding photo-shoot was a brilliant way of getting to know candid wedding photographer in Uttar pradesh so when he arrived at our cottageson wedding day to capture the ‘getting ready’ moments it was just like having another friend to hang out with and this continued throughout the day! It was also very helpful in terms of feeling relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera so that on the wedding day we could get quickly some beautiful shots of just the two of us that look like something out of a magazine.

We are absolutely thrilled with our wedding photos; best wedding photographer in uttar pradesh beautifully captured all the emotions of the day, the beauty of the landscape and architecture where we had the wedding and all the little details that made it personal to us. The candid pictures of us and our guests are fabulous – some very funny as well as moving shots. Every time we look through the photos, we spot something new: an expression, a signpost, a stolen moment – they really tell the story of the day in the best way possible.

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