Sunday, 22 April 2018

Select the perfect wedding photographer for your wedding

weddings can easily be called the most important day of anyones life. Considering its relevance, it becomes necessary for you to capture the beautiful moments of the wedding day so that you can relive the day over and over again for the coming years. If the moments are captured perfectly by the camera, you will love going through the pages of your wedding album. There are many beautiful moments that take place during your weddig day and they can be captured perfectly only by an experienced wedding photographer in uttar pradesh. A professional wedding photographer can click them without being over exited by the presence of so many guests and their chit-chat. Therefore, it becomes all the more important to hire a true professional wedding photographer in kanpur who can shoot all the moments without missing the vital details of the day.
If you are planning to assign the job of shooting the beautiful moments of your wedding to a friend or relative who has got a good camera, here are some reasons you should not give the responsibility to an amateur:

Capturing the beautiful pictures of the presious moments of your wedding day may not be as easy as it appears.
Small yet important details that you may miss because you are of course busy, excited and nervous on your big day can be easily clicked only by a professional wedding photographer in kanpur.
Only a professional candid wedding photographer in kanpur can take care of many details such as dim lightings, gloomy weather, and accordingly, click pictures. If an amateur photographer handles the job of shooting pictures, he may not be aware to handle such situation with ease and perfection and the result will of course leave you heart broken or just satisfactory. Expert wedding photographer in kanpur can understand the desired effects, position, lighting in order to capture the special moments of your life. They can also identify the emotions that can make the wedding photos more appealing.
A candid wedding photographer in uttar pradesh has enough experience to make people feel comfortable and at ease on the D day. So, while you go about hiring a wedding photographer in kanpur, clicking pictures perfectly should not be the only thing that you should look at. He should also have the capacity to make you nd your guests feel at ease and comfortable while clicking pictures as it can be easily seen in the pictures.
Therefore, in order to make the informed choice, try to meet at least a few professional wedding photographer in kanpur and visit their studios. Your main job will be selecting a wedding photographer in kanpur whose working style closely matches with your own preferences and personality. Ask as many questions as possible and look through the portfolio of all the selected photographers. A professional photographer’s sample work reflects his best work, so you may ask for his sample work in order to find the best wedding photographer in Kanpur.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Wedding photography where the output matters

“Why I am not in your wedding pictures?”How many of you have ever asked this to your parents?  Obviously elders burst out laughing with your question, but what you need to look into is how important photographs had been since generations.

Probably even your grandparents managed to get at least one picture on their wedding day for memory. As a next generation your parents would have had some still photography shots for their wedding memories. Beautiful memories!! aren’t they?

After all the years , we know that you obviously don’t want that style of wedding photography. And in the social media generation we also understand how important it is to find the perfect wedding photographer to capture your lifetime moments.

You know would have an amazing wedding with all the pomp and splendour, but the proof lies in the ‘Output’ of the wedding photographer which comes only as an after effect. With numerous candid wedding photographers in the market, its hard to find ‘The one’ for your special Day.

So, we takes all the pleasure introducing you to Studio Rollei, a Kanpur based photographic company who are primarily into wedding photography and cinematography.

Team Studio Rollei's keen eye for detail is on the event to produce beautiful lifetime portraits for long lasting memories.

With great experience and vast expertise, the talented team which travel all around the globe, to capture beautiful candid moments. With offering various styles of photography like candid, traditional and wedding films, they have a name in the wedding industry.

They offer services starting from just 30,000 INR with customisable packages. With as many celebrity clients under their cap, once a association with them will definitely go long for all your special occasions ever after.

While they specialise in wedding photography , they also do portfolio shoots, Maternity photoshoot, Infant and Corporate photography.

Now that you know where to look for your wedding Photography, Team Studio Rollei is available at 118/167, Gumti No 5, Kanpur. You can book your appointments  on 9838585929.

Tips to remember before getting your pre wedding photo shoot

Pre wedding photography shoots are new photography trend in India, it gives some out of the case photos, as contrast with other customary wedding photos. Pre wedding photographs are clicked in a fun, tranquil and spontaneous condition, so it gives better photos.

Studio Rollei being an expert candid wedding photographer in kanpur uttar pradesh for a long time, they know each get-up-and-go about photography. Pre wedding photography new insanity these days is getting to be plainly prominent among ‘youthful couple’ who are going to get hitched. best wedding Photographer in kanpur is giving some intriguing tips for pre-wedding photography which depend on his experience:

       For pre wedding photography you should persuade for early morning shoots, as it will give some shocking photo that even you havn’t envisioned.

       Priorly discus about your outfits that will suit you both best.

       Try to have some enormous and brilliant outlines that are camera well disposed and attempt to stay away from whites.

       According to candid photographer in kanpur a photographer must be open and discuss well with his customers, ask them what they expect

       always Cary some cosmetics, as the camera is not amicable to uncovered skin. Cosmetics convey radical change to their photos.

       To convey a decent variety of your photos, you should utilize props as it gives some uniqueness. A pre wedding photographer in kanpur must utilize his innovativeness, he either can bring his own particular propping component or can utilize the articles as prop that are accessible in the area.

These tips will improve pre-wedding photo shoots and will give some one of a kind photos.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Significance of appointing a professional wedding photographer for your wedding

India is a country where we find grand and luxurious weddings. During the wedding season, you will find grand celebrations in almost every marriage hall and destinations in india specially northern part mainly uttar pradesh. The wedding is really one of the most prosperous moments of the life which everyone likes to relive again.
The photographs become the best medium to keep the soul of the event in touch even after passing of many years. So, it is important that you appoint a professional wedding photographer in northern India for your wedding ceremony.
Only a professional photographer in kanpur has the eyes to capture each and every aspect of glorious wedding with their lens. The quality and perfection that a professional photographer in uttar pradesh can provide you is not possible to find with an amateur photographer even after thousands of attempts. Wedding ceremony is a lifetime event. So, we should always make it as memorable as possible with the involvement of a professional photographer in kanpur. you will find the amazing experience with the presence of a professional photographer in kanpur in the wedding event.

Benefits of hiring a professional wedding photographer
People often leave the photo capturing task on their friends and relatives to save some money. But, one must understand that wedding memory is not a cheap thing. What your friends and relatives are going to capture is just pictures and nothing more. But, a professional wedding photographer in uttar pradesh can capture the moments for you. Their knowledge, experience, and skills are so good that every detail of wedding is going to fit in the frame perfectly. So, even if you take a look at those photographs after years, you will find tears in your eyes and smile on your face. There is a huge difference between other photographies and wedding photography. It is not just taking some pictures with the camera. It is capturing someone’s emotions and memories of the most important occasion of life in the form of photos. To capture such important aspects, proper equipments are highly essential.
Only a professional wedding photographer in kanpur has knowledge and possession of that kind of equipment. So, you can definitely get benefits by hiring one. Wedding is a long procedure that is divided into many sections. To capture every detail of the wedding photography from the beginning to the end, a wedding photographer in kanpur needs to be present physically all the time with the bride and the groom. So, he/she needs to be mentally prepared, strong, and patient to take perfect pictures even in intense situations. A professional wedding photographer in kanpur has the training and experience to work in every situation.

Where to look for a professional wedding photographer

It is the age of digital technology, so internet is definitely the best platform to look for a professional wedding photographer in kanpur uttar pradesh. You can contact Studio Rollei for wedding photography through their website Besides being the most professional wedding photographers, this team of best wedding photographers in kanpur understands the feelings related to the wedding better than any other photographer in kanpur. This is what enables them to give an outstanding performance. To know more about their exclusive works, feel free to browse their website.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

best candid wedding photographer for Hindu weddings

Hindu weddings are always eventful and exciting. The icing on the cake is the destination wedding & you need to hire the top Hindu wedding photographer in uttar pradesh too. This will ensure that the memories stay evergreen. But you must be thinking how hiring the Hindu wedding photography in uttar pradesh be possible? Well, to answer that, Uttar pradesh is filled with many kinds of Hindu wedding photographers who do their job with sheer precision.
There are many rituals and customs which take place in a Hindu wedding This means that everything should be captured so that a great wedding memory stays with us and the little fun elements that happened then can be re-lived when we glance through the photos. It is easy to find a photographer in the Uttar Pradesh but to find a good one is a task. But this task may come to an end when you know Studio Rollei. they are the best in wedding photography in kanpur, uttar pradesh and have done numerous shows and marriages to make you comfortable as a client.
Photos are not just a mere piece of paper, but an entire journey to showcase to your loved ones. The team at Studio Rollei does not just take pictures but makes them speak for themselves. You need to look at a few of their creations to know what exactly you are signing up for. Professionalism can be seen in the pictures from the top wedding photographer in uttar pradesh, india.It has become a trend to have a pre-wedding in kanpur and post wedding photography. Studio Rollei has been an inspiration to many for the kind of ideas they put into the making of these pre and post wedding photos.Their photography is exceptionally good and value for money. The residents of the kanpur & nearby cities in uttar pradesh have their trust and faith on them for photographs that will leave an impression for ages.
With the amazing photos and results from the images, many couples all over india also get their wedding photos shot in the Hindu style by Studio Rollei. These days it is easy for you to find all the details of wedding photographer in kanpur online along with the many available images that have been posted to showcase the talent. It is necessary for us to get the images in the best possible manner so that your children along with our near and dear ones can witness the grand affair and still feel that they are living in the moment. Get the best and let the world talk. you can find Studio Rollei candid wedding photographer in kanpur at

Thursday, 13 April 2017

choosing best candid photographer in kanpur, uttar pradesh

You might find cheap so called professional wedding photographer in kanpur, uttar pradesh (u.p.) while looking for a specialist professional candid wedding photographer for your wedding. You must consider various factors before choosing the professional photographer in kanpur for your wedding. A marriage shooter should be competent, attentive and understanding to capture the most treasured occasions in your life. The photographer ought to know the right time for taking photos, so the couple can cherish those great occasions by seeing the photographs in future. Before choosing the wedding photographer, you need to understand your requirements. You can list the brief occasions to be captured on your wedding day. You can even list the relatives and other folks to be contained in your wedding photographs. You must give both lists to the picked person, so that he pays focus on those detailed requirements.
The professional photographer should comprehend your feelings from the wedding, so that he can catch those feelings without the delay. Certain occasions during the wedding are incredibly treasured and the candid wedding photographer ought not to miss those important moments. Only an skillful and experienced wedding photographer can take perfect photographs by understanding the requirements of the couples. Only a professional candid wedding photographer knows when details such as light, angle and structure necessary to create quality photographs. 
You can check the portfolio of the professional wedding photographer to understand the imagination and calibre of the person. Each individual has his own private design of taking photos. Hence, you have to check on the profile of photographs before selecting one for you. By verifying the collection, you can understand whether you are buying a similar style. You can check the feed backs, reviews by their previous customers, before selecting one for your wedding. 
You are able to understand if the professional photographer you have decided on may take images affordable. You have to understand that how many photographs will be taken by your photographer within your budget. Remember to ask him that how enough time he shall spend in your wedding for taking photographs. If you want to really have the wedding photographer in kanpur for your day, then you have to invest a lump-sum sum of money. It is strongly recommended that the marriage photographer hired by you have a sophisticated camera and other related equipment to create high quality, precise, clear, and sharp wedding photographs. For the finest wedding photography in kanpur contact Studio Rollei. They have got the best team of wedding photography in Kanpur