Sunday, 15 January 2017

What is a Candid Photography

Candid photography is just about moments, A Indian wedding is not a staged event where all things happen as per plan. It is a bonding of two families and a celebration of this bonding. A trained candid wedding photographer captures moments as they are and enhance the beauty of the event. Every emotion portraying the event is captured as it unfolds. Candid photographer don't ask you to pose for the photographer or repeat your moments again. He captures what that moment is all about, in all its true form.
At Studio Rollei its all about candid photography in kanpur uttar Pradesh, Our team is trained to this approach and we work hard to make you relive your precious moments. At Studio Rollei our team of Candid photographers capture your moments without changing available light and the most important emotions of the moments as for us these are the key elements of the candid photography. We believe ambience light retains the essence and mood of the moments that are being captured.
Candid photography is also often called as wedding documentary, wedding photo journalism, contemporary photography, artistic photography. a candid wedding photographer always captures moments as they unfold without orchestrating it. our team of candid photographer at Studio Rollei kanpur, uttar pradesh believe in power of capturing raw moments that can create magic and unfold the story. We do not bend down to any thing artificial, natural is true, natural is correct and natural is beautiful. We at Studio Rollei believe in candid photography that reflects the soulfulness of the wedding event and true spirit of the celebrations and mood of joy, romance, love of your wedding with a layer of happy colours that rock n roll around your wedding memories.