Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Wedding photography where the output matters

“Why I am not in your wedding pictures?”How many of you have ever asked this to your parents?  Obviously elders burst out laughing with your question, but what you need to look into is how important photographs had been since generations.

Probably even your grandparents managed to get at least one picture on their wedding day for memory. As a next generation your parents would have had some still photography shots for their wedding memories. Beautiful memories!! aren’t they?

After all the years , we know that you obviously don’t want that style of wedding photography. And in the social media generation we also understand how important it is to find the perfect wedding photographer to capture your lifetime moments.

You know would have an amazing wedding with all the pomp and splendour, but the proof lies in the ‘Output’ of the wedding photographer which comes only as an after effect. With numerous candid wedding photographers in the market, its hard to find ‘The one’ for your special Day.

So, we takes all the pleasure introducing you to Studio Rollei, a Kanpur based photographic company who are primarily into wedding photography and cinematography.

Team Studio Rollei's keen eye for detail is on the event to produce beautiful lifetime portraits for long lasting memories.

With great experience and vast expertise, the talented team which travel all around the globe, to capture beautiful candid moments. With offering various styles of photography like candid, traditional and wedding films, they have a name in the wedding industry.

They offer services starting from just 30,000 INR with customisable packages. With as many celebrity clients under their cap, once a association with them will definitely go long for all your special occasions ever after.

While they specialise in wedding photography , they also do portfolio shoots, Maternity photoshoot, Infant and Corporate photography.

Now that you know where to look for your wedding Photography, Team Studio Rollei is available at 118/167, Gumti No 5, Kanpur. You can book your appointments  on 9838585929.

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